Chapel News Summer 2019

The Board of Directors would like to bring everyone up-to-date on events at the heritage site over the past few months.

Last December just prior to the annual Fairbridge Carols event there was a very bad wind storm in the Cowichan Valley and it downed many trees in the area. Thankfully not many came down in Fairbridge and of course two years ago the strata and the society worked together to take down many of the huge firs at the rear of the chapel and school house. Some were in very poor condition and diseased. Because of this action no damage was done to either structure at the site. We would like to thank Lori Lachance (Lori’s Landscaping) for cleaning up the area after the storm and also Colleen MacGregor who spent many hours tending to the front gardens this spring.

There has been one wedding held in the chapel this spring and another three are booked for August and September.

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